1. Where is the UK?

  2. What is the meaning of UK? _ _ _ (UK).

  3. What is the capital of UK?

  4. What are people called in the UK?

  5. The Union Flag contains 3 others flags:

  6. What is the Queen name?

  7. How many sons does she have?

  8. What is the Prince of Wales name?

  9. Name of the British houses:

  10. Write 4 sports in Britain:

  11. What are pubs? Popular social __

  12. The main language in Britain, is _

  13. The main religion in Britain, is

  14. Write 5 famous festivals in England:

  15. Education in Britain is F and C

  16. Do you have the same subjects as the English students? What are they?

  17. What is the typical dessert in England?

  18. What are the 3 main meals? -B_ ; -L : -D___

  19. What is the most famous drink in England?

  20. What are your favourite monuments? Write 3 of them.

  21. In Britain, they don´t use the Euro. They use the P___